"Photos from past reunions"
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1998? - front row:  Susan, Ione, Rich, Jim; middle row:  David, Judy, Chari, Kathy, Carolee, Kathy; back row:  Mike, George, Linda, Dan, Carol The usual suspects! Front row:  Ione, Nancy, Kyle, Bill; middle row:  Mike, Kathy, Harold, George David; back row:  Rich, Carol, Dan Nancy, Mrs. Rich Noll, Mrs. Dan Wald, Jerry Christenson, Ione - Carol's husband in the background Kathy & The Gross' Nancy, The Walds, Jerry C. & Harold Tiffany Timms & Vieths Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Noll, Rich Noll & David Larson George, Linda (Bill's), Bill & Kyle This photo was sent by Chuck and his wife in 1983, I think. Jack got a break from Tripler Army Medical Center to have lunch with Linda in Honolulu 1991 or 1992. In 2001, Linda Q. visited Sue at her restaurant, Lucinda's July 2007 - (left to right) Nancy, Ione, Kathy B., Judy, Kyle and Cory meet in Alma


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