June 14, 2013
Tell, Wisconsisn

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Well, I think we had another great time! It wasn't fancy but it was a ton of fun!

I've posted my best photos here and I'm hoping everyone who took photos will send me some more to post.

After Tell, many of us attended the Alumni Banquet at School on Saturday night and met again at the Rod & Gun Club for more fun and drinks and talking!

Thank you to ALL who attended!!

Some of our classmates arrived at the school at 9AM on Friday to set up for Saturday night:

Later, we all adjourned to Tell for some fun:

On Saturday night, we gathered at the school with other classes and were recognized for our 50th:

After the Alumni Banquet at school, our class and the classes of 1962 & 1964 met up at the Rod & Gun Club:

At one point during this evening, we modified our class motto from

"To be rather than to seem"


"Growing old is mandatory - growing up is not!"

I hope you will all send me more photos!!

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