Message from Isabel & Gwammy - aka Nancy Johnson/Christenson:

Jerry, Nancy and granddaughter, Isabel

Hi, my name is Isabel. I am 3 years old. Gwammy said she and Gwumpa are going to something called a class reunion. I think it is when old people sit around and eat, drink, and talk about things like retirement, Social Security, and grandkids. It has been 45 years since Gwammy went to school. That is a l-o-o-ng time.

Gwammy Nancy and Gwumpa Jerry live in Chetek now. They are retired....or is it tired? They both used to work at school in Mondovi, but I guess now they want to sit around and do nothing.

Sometimes Gwumpa goes to work cuz he gets bored and he gets on Gwammy's nerves. He works at Rainbow Home Center in Rice Lake. He gets to play with guns, fishing poles, and stuff like that. I like to visit him there cuz he shows me the minnows, and brings me to see a lady in an office who says I am cute and gives me candy. When Gwumpa doesn't have to go to work, he likes to hunt or fish or watch TV or go to meetings at church or take Gwammy somewhere. He is a good Gwumpa.

Gwammy works sometims at a store called Annz Books & More. They have cool kids' stuff there. She helps out at chruch a lot, belongs to a book club, takes a Yoga class, makes hand-stamped greeting cards, and does lots of scrapbooking. Can you believe she is working on my 4th scrapbook? She likes to take pictures of me. I love my Gwammy.

Nancy's daughter, Angela with Isabel and Troy

Me and Mommy and Daddy live in Osseo. Daddy works at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Menomonie and Mommy works at Curves in Osseo. She has lost a lot of weight. We are proud of her. Daddy says she is hot. Next year I get to go to 4-year old Kindergarten. I think that will be fun, but Mommy is crying about it. I don't know why.

I like to stay with Gwammy and Gwumpa. Me and Gwammy do crafty things and she calls me her little princess. Gwumpa plays ball with me or lets me sit in the den with him and watch the Outdoor Channel on TV. We eat ice cream. Gwammy and Gwumpa say I am a gift.

My Uncle Jason was killed in an accident 6 years ago. I never go to meet him. Gwammy and Gwumpa miss him. He is in Heaven now.

I hope you all have fun at your reunion. Maybe someday I can go to one, too.

PS: My Gwammy write this!

Note from Nancy: Good to hear from you, Linda. We are planning on coming to the reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Nancy :-)

Updated February 2008


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