Message from Jim:

A year ago I retired from Enpath Medical when the Company was sold. After goofing off for the summer, I became involved last fall with a start-up company that provides golf training to high school students and adults. The Company is Active Golf Training and I am the President, the CFO, the chief accountant, the janitor and I also pick up balls. So far there is no pay and my golf game hasn't improved very much either. My wife Jean thinks I've lost my marbles. She may be right.

My three children are all gainfully employed (thank heavens) and we have five grandchildren among them. Three of the grandkids live here in Minneapolis and my daughter Ann lives in Hawaii with her two children. While it's a long flight as Linda can attest, there are worse places to go to visit your grandchildren than Hawaii.

My wife Jean has two boys from a previous marriage, one is married and lives here in the Twin Cities and the oldest is single and lives in Boston. Jean is the Finance Director at the St Paul Monastery, an order of benedictine nuns. Her good works may be my only ticket to the good place upstairs.

On a sad note, my ex-wife, Barbara Bautch Hartman, passed away in February 2007 from enphysema. Our children established a scholarship for graduating high school students at Alma High with the memorials received. In a rather unusual but satisfying outcome, Alex Huber, my sister's oldest grandchild received the scholarship award.

I'm sorry I am not able to join you this year. I hope you are all in good health and looking forward to, or already enjoying, retirement.

The picture is Jean and me riding an elephant in Thailand last January, but without the elephant.

Jim Hartman

Updated June 2008


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