Message from Ione:

Pat and I were married on August 12, 1967 in Alma. While Pat finished college, we lived and worked in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and LaCrescent, Minnesota. After Pat graduated and got a job in Black River Falls, we moved to Blair, Wisconsin. During that time, I did substitute teaching in the surrounding schools and managed thirteen apartment units for our landlord.

In 1975, our daughter, Cathrine, was born. When Cat was three, we bought our home in Alma. I started working full time in the fall of 1978 in the Title I elementary program at good old Alma High. That program grew into the junior and senior high areas. Federal funding for the program was cut and so was the job. However, the school district picked up my time. I started working four days a week when the Picket Fence Corporation was started. Since that time, the Picket Fence Gift shop has closed, and I am still working just four days a week. One of these years, I will consider retirement. Until then, the kids manage to keep me on my toes.

Last August, much to my surprise, I had triple by-pass heart surgery with a replacement of my aortic valve. If I had not been part of the exercise program at St. Elizabeth's hospital, I probably would have had a massive coronary and bid you all adieu. Now, they tell me that I have had a complete overhaul and am good for a few more miles.

Pat and I have three grandchildren that keep us entertained. Will is 6. Jada is 4, and Kali is 3. Our house rocks when they come for a visit. The nice thing about having the kids around is that I get to play again. It is awesome!

Last year at this time, I was in Norway. My Norwegian pen pal, Eva, and I have been writing to each other for fifty years. I had a chance to meet her and visit her home. I also located the land of my paternal ancestors. It was awesome to stand on the land that they left when they immigrated to America. Another trip to Norway is not far off.

Hope to get a chance to see most of you at the reunion.

Updated May 2008


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